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NG Members do not like pixel art?

2009-07-27 23:17:19 by RamboFox

I have noticed how allot of my pixel art have been recieving low marks, wheras random art on the portal (some drawn) have a higher avarage score.

I think NG needs a "pixel day" (or "retro day") - the title gets a pixel makeover and pixel-based flash gets featured for the day. The idea could be further thought out by featuring SID chip tunes, but I agree with the majority that SID tunes aren't that enjoyable to listen to.

On the other hand, the user "notanerd1" attempt at spamming NewGrounds and it's members has seemed to peter out. Joy and happiness?

PS: Never ever drink carbonated drinks with Indian food. The final mix likens to rocket fuel *moans in discomfort*.

NG Members do not like pixel art?

Newgrounds suck dick, Tom Fulp is a faggot and you are a cunt.

2009-07-25 07:21:01 by RamboFox

I REPENT *kneels to Tom Fulp, NG and you*, that was just another attention-getting title.

See? It works doesn't it?

Now, onto the thing that I was originally going to say - that being a of movie that is a must-see:
Bolt: Sure, it's a cute film (most of you would go "bleh") but it turned out AWESOME.

I'm not giving anything away, but it was so cool. Go watch it now. If you don't you'll be missing out on 10% awesome out of your life.

OH, AND HEY - at least I'm not like 70% of the faggots on NewGrounds claiming that I am more awesome than you. I'm alright - not awesome.

Newgrounds suck dick, Tom Fulp is a faggot and you are a cunt.

Faggots like him: http://notanerd1.newgrounds.com/
Spread CANCER, spam and AIDS all over the place.

This month's shitstorm brought to you by the letter F;
Stands for Fail.

Now, onto the reasons why I love the internet;
A place to show your stuff - even if your stuff is mainly filled with cancerous AIDS.
Also, a place for free games, music and art :3

From now on I will be setting my news posts comment settings to "Approved comments only" thanks to notanerd1.newgrounds.com (be sure to greet him, and plant your foot up his ass when you're at his profile).


2009-07-24 03:50:58 by RamboFox


I don't have time for this fag, help the community please.

Newgrounds is a Penis

2009-07-24 03:37:53 by RamboFox

No, not really - just a title to grab your attention.

Turns out that someone wanted to sue Humphrey Bear for not wearing pants and in effect promoting AIDS (Actually, sexual related things) but failed because the people who wanted to sue him are full of CANCER.

I know this is old news, but... HUMPHRY IS STILL ON FUCK YEAH.
Not that I watch it anymore.


Wait... Well, while you're here - I might as well blab about useless shit that no one cares about.

DevianTART is being, well... fucking annoying. Those moderators really need to get off their' asses and help it. Oh, and one more thing, what the fuck is that "You are scouted" (For the ART PORTAL) thing do anyway? You don't get to see your own reviews that you did of art, and you don't make the frontpage.


Also, I'm thinking about making some movies and then embeding them in flash - and then sticking it on Newgrounds, but it will be animated (not live action movies urgh) :S

Michael Jackson dies, people cry - some argue he's a pedophile, mass spam emails with worms and virusus that are sneakily labled as "Michael Jackson Music" are sent - racism in Tasmania (Australia) happens and an Asian student gets stabbed to death, Tasmania got drenched - wheras Australia stayed high and dry.

Seriously, what the fuck is going on with this world?


I LOVE Michael Jackson

2009-06-30 01:09:33 by RamboFox

That title is just to grab your attention - I don't really love him, and I don't really hate him either.

Infact, I hate YOU - yes, I'm talking about pieces of shit like you who make constant drama about Michael Jackson "Ohh, he was a pedophile" etc... blablabla - shut the fuck up.

Only recently when I read the newspaper did it become apparent that he had multiple internal injuries (including needle wounds IN HIS BONES), so give him some respect.

To Michael Jackson:
you've earned your wings, may you moonwalk in heaven.

I LOVE Michael Jackson

News post? Naw, it can't be.

2009-06-22 20:05:05 by RamboFox

Well, shit happens in life - my best friend steals my bus ticket, I have to get myself back home on foot, get driven and lectured by my mum that I "wasted my bus ticket money on food". But all in all, appart from that, the day so far is pretty good.

Apart from the chocolate I just ate. It's like rocky road Cadbury style, it tasted wierd. :0

Oh, and arts - getting along slowly, got a crapload of schoolwork to finish up on - 4 essays to complete by the end of the week, and 3 art pieces plus 5 forms to fill out. College, what fun.

Till' the next news post where I actually say something, I'll leave you be with this creepy guy's face.

News post? Naw, it can't be.

So I just noticed the recent addition to NewGround's catagories - the ART PORTAL (Caps lock, SRS BSNS).
And I gotta say, it looks pretty sweee-eeet. Righto, time to spam you with my art >:D

Oh, and I'll be playing Left4Dead in a half an hour - if you see a person by the name of "Fortun3", it'll be me.

Oh, and crap - I had Indian food last night, TAKE COVER, TO THE BUNKER!! @-@