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That sure was some ass-kicking

And Dust has yet to finish that ass-kicking!
Man, I remember how this series has started, and you've come a long way.

Props to you man, you're up there with Krinkles, the few, the awesome, my most favourite NewGrounds flash artists that create seriously intense flashes.
Bunnykill 5 Part 1 was a nailbiter, can't wait for Part 2! =D

I keep thinking this should turn into an awesome game, because I keep seeing the amount of realism you put into a cartoony flash as this - The fact that Snowball had to pick ammo up for his rifle near the end up from that dead corpse? That's attention to detail - It had me anthralled and amused with every flip kick, parry and punch.

Mottis responds:

I actually counted every shot fired and every gun had a certain amount of ammo in their clip before they had to be reloaded; even Dust's Gunsword :D

I don't like text-only anims as much as I aught to

But this is incredible.

It's nothing short of fantastic and deserves each positive review.

Drunk Science has to stop? But we've just begun~

Favourited on the count of excellent voice acting, soundtrack, animation, and most importantly, Pedobear's cameo.

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I thought this could be cool... I was let down...

"Don't give it a low score if you don't understand the game. We made it for hardcore racefans not for sundaydrivers."

Well, based on the fact that real Formula 1 race cars don't go that fast in top speed (View distance is limited, and it feels really restricted in terms of movement), and that I was able to finish the game without even touching the brake (When in reality, you would need to feather the brake through the various real life courses), that, and regulation Formula 1 cars are fueled at each start of the race to last them more than 4-5 laps.
And It's rather obvious how skinny that track is, and how huge the Formula 1 car looks like, sitting on that tiny asphalt-starved track.

Next time, have a look around and see how wide a real track is and how skinny a real Forumal 1 car is compaired to the track. That, and make sure that you have to use that brake, otherwise it's still just another game for sunday drivers.


Although this game has nice graphics, the speed of both your own, and the AI vehicles makes this game impossible to play.

Nice, simple, very well done.

Just short of a 9/10 just because the graphics style does not suite the game for me.

Other than that, physics fun is fun - and all the levels were challenging, but not overly hard (I congratulate you on that).

Level editor is a nice idea too :D

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A great submission

Worthy of a 10/10 - Only thing as VAC7 commented, certain scenes transition a tad too suddenly, and a few other lines are read as if they were already written than felt, but right at the end, that was a finish worth waiting for.
If there's a flash god out there, he or she should work on this and bring those epic visuals that this audio gives alone to my imagination through animation.

I logged on to review this...

...To download it, rate it 5/5, 10/10, and have a mind implosion from how awesomely epic this is.


Seriously, there's nothing else I could add to this. My brain, you successfully ejected, and it now remains as a mushy pulp on one of my room's walls.

DanJohansen responds:

hahah thanks for listening pal! VIDEOGAMEAAAH!!! AAHH!!!

It takes a great man to write great music...

...And an even greater man to take advice from public, and adapt his creations to work them into perfection.

Bravo sir, 10/10

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And now for a review that is not useless!

This is flawlessly done, the inking is evidently cartoon-y, but done in such a way that it looks pleasingly simple and clean, and easy on the eyes.
The armor would be my favorite part of the piece, it's "shine" reflects the light from his orbliterator in a way that not only suits the media, but also looks kick-ass and realistic.

The only flaw of this piece (of which is very minor) would be the thumb on the left hand - it looks like it's bent at a slightly odd angle.


jouste responds:

wow what a great review!

the thumb does look pretty exaggerated and from the pic in general it is kinda pushed a little too far in comparison to the other elements.

good eye pal. i'm glad you liked the piece in general tho, i'm really stoked you like his war-apron, that's alot of what his character is. super strong and immovable.

thanks again for the great review!


Very well done digital painting, the hand and left foot may be a little small for the leader - but the main concern are the weapons - if the leader is the "initiative" for the raid, why is he equipped with the Assault Rifle, whereas the scouter (mid point) has the Shotgun?

Quibbles aside, I love the high-quality size of this piece, how the proportions are almost perfect (so close, only to be let down by the hand and the foot) and how you did the chips/scratches on the armor.

Keep it up :)

Holy cow - that's allot of stippling!

Very well done!

Beautiful hand-AA too, I like how you can see that it is obviously pixel art when you zoom in ;D

*Thumbsup* 5/5 10/10

Revolutionary pixel artist!

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