Pixel Racers - 4 player topdown arcade racing game.

2009-08-05 05:11:47 by RamboFox

Well, I can't animate in flash (or even utilize scripts in it - it's got such a weird timeline) but at least I can write games for Windows. Work in progress - will update with newer cars.

* File Size: 2.3 mb
* Vista Compatible: YES
* Screen Resolution: 320 x 240
* Multiplayer: Yes (Via keyboard on local machine)


To navigate the menu, use the arrow keys to select different options - use the Enter and Escape key to go forward/backwards through the menus.
When in the car selection menu (Player select menu) the players who want to be admitted to the race must press their "Action-1" key (All the keys related to player movement/actions are shown at the bottom of the help file ingame) - press the "Action-1" key again once you are satisfied with the car you selected (by pressing the left/right keys for the corrosponding player) and press Enter when "Press [Enter] to start." popup comes up.

Pixel Racers - 4 player topdown arcade racing game.


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