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A message for faggots like you.

Posted by RamboFox - July 28th, 2009

If you're a zero-voter, use swear words, or whatever (such as "BLAM THIS SHIT") within reviews, I will be from now on marking your reviews as abusive, I will also reply to it with:

"Your review is marked as abusive - for abusing the system and not giving detailed feedback/criticism or a fair score."

Spam away, I'll notify either Tom Fulp or anyone else who polices this site, and you'll end up with a ban/broken whistle.

Not that I'm pissed off - I'm just giving you a fair warning before the shitstorm finally piles up on you. I'm tired of members going out of their way dropping crap reviews on art/flash/music.

A message for faggots like you.

Comments (10)

you can't possibly believe that you can flag EVERY SINGLE ABUSIVE REVIEW on this site, can you?
can anyone else say "unrealistic expectations?"

Not every, but most of which I find I will flag.

While you can't get all of them, its a good hunt for whatever you can, could start to solve the problem.

I can't be everywhere, so wherever I see a zero-voter I'll bookmark him/her and keep tabs on his/her reviews.

well some people should learn not to do there sis cuz then this poast woudnt need to be poasted :P

WTF - learn English please.

PS: I'm a male.

cinnamon toast crunch is an american cereal that has a commercial that has the theme of the parents not understanding why the kids like it so much. the kids reply with "Because there's cinnamon covered swirls in every bite!!!"

Ah, I see - thanks. :)

Tom wont reply to your mail, he probablly wont even read it.
The mods take care of that shit, not Tom.
You did know that there are portal mods didn't you?

I said someone like Tom in mod status.

Yeah, just because some music may be not of "his quality" does not give him the right to zero-bomb stuff.

*Saves your music*

goob jod!

Yes, it's about time someone stepped in and set a few things right.

Quite frankly, I don't think you should be on a site filled with extremely hormonal, moronic teenagers and 10 year olds. I'm not a furry, but I'm not going to be a dickhead. I can only see this ending badly for you.

I quite frankly don't give a shit - as you said yourself "I don't think you should be on a site filled with extremely hormonal, moronic teenagers and 10 year olds", and I won't care what they bawww about.

Their' fault they shitted reviews on fair pieces of art/multimedia.

But thanks for the warning, and I will make sure to tread as lightly as I can :)

Faggot is a swear word.
Also, nice pixel art. Will you ever use it in a flash?

I know that (Irony is my demise).
Thanks, I will one day ;P Currently I will stick with creating games for Windows (*.exe) - I find flash a little weird with that timeline.